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Uncertainty, change, stressed, no direction, no motivation, help.

Business Crisis Package - Coaching

As a result of the recent Lock-down and resultant impact, we are offering an opportunity to 10-15 Individual Business Owners who would like to use the services of a Business Coach, and as we know these are trying periods, we guarantee affordability - it is is stressed that it does require an investment but this will be at your unique rate.


Heading back to the workplace?

Given the move to stage 3 many businesses will will be going back to work in some form or another - in combination with the LMI Effective Personal Productivity Program and the optional Business Coaching we have designed a process that will achieve the following: 1. Get individuals focused and committed to priorities. 2. Align priorities and manage time. 3. Align direct reports and communicate appropriately.


Status Quo no longer applicable - need direction?

We have all been through a significant change event, past goals and norms have changed, there are a lot of unknowns - the program allows an individual to establish a Life Plan, either as a team or individual, in combination with coaching discussions. The Effective Personal Leadership Program is the Flagship program used globally to provide a solid foundation for the future.

  • This quarter we offer 3 options, all driven by client needs during the global epidemic, resultant lockdowns and uncertainty.
  • The Business Crisis Package – allows potential clients to secure the services of a qualified and experience business coach – if you and/or your business need immediate assistance through the services of a coach – this is the package for you.
  • Heading back to work – Time Management Coaching aimed squarely at individuals and Teams needing to ensure they use this unique opportunity to establish new habits, priorities and get onto the same page.
  • Status Quo – this is no longer the way things were, and you can either cling onto the past and hope the world returns, or seek to create your own and your companies future – create the plan of action for life, a new life albeit different.

All of our programs and packages contain elements of leadership coaching, leadership development, time management, potential realisation, behaviour change and a host of other development elements that result in bottom line growth.