...Why not?

Business Owner Flow Diagram

Scenario 1

An individual might have heard of a Coach or Business Coach, possibly a life coach, but have always considered these to be the result of two categories.

  • Firstly – reserved for senior Executives, Top Sports Teams or People and other successful individuals – thus implying significant cost – and who can blame them when one considered the cost of attending a top coach seminar or the salaries of the top coaches.
  • Secondly – when individuals are fortunate enough to be provided a coach, it is usually for “remedial” or “corrective” purposes – i.e. a last opportunity to improve before exit.

Our approach at BeyondPossible is different, we seek to ensure individuals can have access to this resource and have undertaken to Guarantee Affordability and Access of a coach, should you wish to experience the benefits.

Now it is important that you have some skin in the game, and thus it is not Free, however even with standard rates clients experience a 500% return on the investment.

Scenario 1 is thus I have heard but not used.

Scenario 2

I have never heard of coaching or business coaching?

This is more rare and Unique, so congratulations, you are special in this way – so what is coaching?

At school you may have played in a sports team, and this may have been organised by a school teacher or other person, who was called the coach.  This individual would have explained the rules, assessed you capabilities, sought to place you in the right position and then through training and development improved your competencies, but more importantly through the conversations, questions and actions of the individual Coached you to become a more rounded and improved player, and most importantly enjoy the game.

This is roughly the idea behind coaching – it involves an ongoing relationship of trust, through the medium of conversation that results in the Coachee growing and developing as an individual.  The coaches role is different to that of therapist, leader, mentor, consultant for example – more can be read on the page explaining what coaching is and is not.

Coaching does result in long term change in YOUR circumstances, but requires firstly your commitment and secondly a coach, so why not try it?