You have substantial staff and turnover - needing leaders and self starters.

Decision Tree Leadership Pipeline

You are a manager with a large organisation, you have Leadership Development Programs which may or may not be end-to-end, i.e. you are able to take a new hire or supervisor or high potential employee through a defined Leadership Development Process which will ensure your business or organisation is able to grow into the future.

Possibly looking for a change?

Leadership Pipeline creation is one of the most significant strategic initiatives of any organisation.

The Pipeline Development Process created by BeyondPossible utilises the Total Leader Concept of Leadership Management International along with 2 additional programs in South Africa that allows not only a 5 year path but the ability to insert existing staff and managers into the pipeline at the appropriate level.

  • At the Entry Level – here an individual is either in their first job (possible a graduate or technically qualified individual) or the individual has been identified as a high potential staff member or the individual has excelled in their current role and being promoted to a first level supervisor.  Often these individuals would not have experienced any Development with the exception of job specific skills – while important – a leader is not created through skills development alone.
    •  Use is made of the Grand Masters of Success Program (SETA Accredited as an option) which is run over either 10 to 12 weeks.  Delivery of the program is as per the standard delivery process of LMI programs.  
    • Topics include – “I can”, How to Master Time organisation, The power of enthusiasm, The Key to motivation, Communication effectiveness, Managing discouragement, The art of creative listening, Qualities of a successful executive/manager.
  • At Supervisory Level/First Level Manager – here the individual has work experience, might be a qualified technical expert or graduate, has experienced some previous development as a leader and needs to integrate the necessary, move from “employee” to “manager of people” and self.
    •  Use of made of the Effective Leadership Development Program which is run of 12 weeks, again following proven LMI delivery processes.
    • Topics include  -Successful leaders are made, Improving results through time management, Exercising authority effectively, The art of delegation, Effective Communication, Motivating people to produce, Preventing and solving problems, Developing Peoples potential.
  • At Managerial Level – the individual maybe either a new manager or experienced manager, likely attended some development externally, but now tasked with running a group in a managerial capacity.
    • Two points of entry are used by clients – the first the Effective Productivity Program, which is a 7 week program utilising LMI’s delivery mechanism.
    • Topics include – An overview of the The total leader concept, The nature of productivity, Productivity through goals achievement, Increasing productivity through managing priorities, Improving productivity through communication, Empowering the team for peak performance, Increasing productivity of the team.
    • In addition a detailed Plan of action allows for hands-on development.
  • At Managerial Level – as with the Effective Personal Productivity which establishes the foundation of managing yourself before managing others, the Effective Personal Leadership Program is used for Managers and other Senior Staff member through to Board Level – here the focus its on managing all areas of your life, in addition to the business.
    • Topics include – The total leader concept, Your potential for personal leadership, Self Knowledge, Six Essentials for leadership, Take personal responsibility, Discover your purpose, Plan your path, Ignite your passion, Act with positive expectancy, Follow through with persistence, Living a balanced life and The art of successful communication.
    • In addition a plan of action is developed that is a Master plan for the individual entire life, while also ensuring alignment within the organisation and the department.

If the individual has completed the foundation of the Total Leadership Concept, they would become eligible for the Effective Motivational Leadership and Effective Strategic Leadership Programs, which are applied to Senior Managers, Executives and Board members.

All programs follow the LMI delivery mechanism.

As a result, clients who utilise this approach are able to create a robust, sustainable and organisation specific Leadership Pipeline.