Effective Personal Productivity

Back at work?  

Not sure what to do?  

Have to get a lot done and not sure where to start?

The Effective Personal Productivity allows you to manage your time and your priorities?

Where do you waste time, are you focused on the high payoff activities, i.e. doing the things that add value versus being busy and treading water?

Need a balance between work and other activities?

Countless individuals and organisations have used this program to get back their productivity, create focus, understand what is using up their time, understanding what is expected from them, and going further to ensure their teams and direct reports are also aligned.

Numerous tools and tips are provided, ultimately allowing you to manage your schedule of priorities and prioritise your schedule.

Get stuff done in less time and be more effective -guaranteed.

Program Length: 8 Touch points over 2-4 months.

Program Delivery: Optional Online with facilitated coaching sessions via Zoom or where permitted and subject to appropriate safety protocols in person.

Materials: Multi-sensory learning approach, audio, online manual, application and action activities, assessments and facilitated coaching sessions.

Plan of Action: The program comes with a specific Plan of Action which allows the participant to create their individual plan.

Added bonus: Every participant will receive 10 hours of individual Business Coaching following the completion of the program.

Program Contents: