You have either invested in developing the coaching skills of your staff or yourself but you are not experiencing the difference?

Do you have a program of Coaching Supervision in place?

All accredited coaches have a coaching supervisor, it is part and parcel of the continuous professional development a coach has to undergo in order to remain accredited.

Are yours? Are your in-house coaching managers developing their coaching skills through a process of supervision?

Option A

Option B

You have invested in the development of coaching skills for your managers, but have not introduced a program of continuous development and supervision of coaching.

Are you tracking the coaching?

Will the time invested lead to the next level of coaching?

You have not trained your managers or supervisors as coaches.  You have not benefited from the results which are achieved by direct reports through coaching.  You have not seen the bottom-line impact where a manager or supervisor is a coach.  You would like to be an in-house coach and develop select individuals to this.

Possible Solution

Please Consider

Coaching and Continuous Develop Pack – our unique coaching supervision and continuous development package is developed for in-house coaches to ensure they continue to develop their art.

  • Bi-weekly Coaching Supervision with an experienced Business Coach.
  • Coaching Journal.
  • Tracking/Reporting of the sessions via the online Coach in the Corner.
  • Measurable results using the Coaching Canvas.

In-house Coach Development – our coaching program will develop the skills, experience, behaviours, knowledge and abilities of your selected staff, providing the foundation to coach in-house using tried and tested models.  In addition, all participants will receive 6 months Coaching Supervision as part of their development.

  • Virtual or In-house Workshop.
  • Coaching Journal.
  • 6 Month supervision.
  • Tracking of coaching for future use, in the event the individual wishes to pursue their coaching further.