You are a business owner, perhaps a one person or a few partners and some is your life, you do it every day...

Love what you do?

Technically competent and able to perform the needed services.


  • I am anxious regarding the future, especially now with the current economic environment.
  • Finding clients is a challenge, although I have some repeat business within the community.
  • I am under financial stress, having to fund the business and families who work for me.


I see a bright future once things change, and in the interim I want to position myself and the business for the opportunities that will come.

  • How do I take my business and myself to the next level and provide for all I take along?
  • I am not sure what parts of my business need to be improved or I am sure and know what to tackle, but just not how?
  • I have no one to talk to about my business, yes I have friends, but they give advice or judgement.

Try a coach for your business – BUT I cannot afford a coach now, too much uncertainty and too much going on.

Now is the best time for a coach, a recent study found that coaches were directly associated with a business and the individuals within the business improving, with a return on the coaching investment in excess of 500%.

We have a goal to make coaching accessible and affordable to all who wish to benefit from the experience, but this does not imply FREE.  The saying goes, “you need skin in the game” and thus there is an investment cost, but we GUARANTEE you can afford this Unique rate for you.

Use the FREE, NO Obligation 1 Hour introduction to our Coaching and see if it fits or could benefit you and your business.  If not, you only spent 1 hour confirming this, if yes, the coaching process will improve your business, we will calculate the ROI and you experience improvements – GUANRANTEED.