You can Afford a business coach - Guaranteed.

Loosing YOUR Business?

Staff NOT Helping?

Not sure what to do?

Consider a Business Coach – BUT I cannot Afford ONE…Yes you can, and we Guarantee this.

What do you have to loose?  You are already experiencing a global event, outside of your control, subject to new regulations which impact your business and your livelihood.  Your family and friends, are all in a similar boat, you have expenses, pressures, maybe even staff who depend on you, and you might have to let some of them go?

This is a crises – no doubt about it.

The Crises Package is the option – consider it an emergency option.

The Crises Package contains the following:

  1. No Obligation exploration of 1 hour with a Business Coach – what is your current situation, how our approach might help, how do we ensure affordability?
  2. If affordable and you feel we can help – the Crises Package entitles you to the following:
    1. A scoping Session of 2 Hours – creates focus on areas.
    2. An alignment session of 1 hour – allows for alignment of goals.
    3. Unique Coaching Canvas Tool – this will ensure a focused plan to assist.
    4. 6 confidential coaching sessions of 1 hour each aimed at your goals – ensure progress toward real results.
    5. Status Report – even if you do not wish to continue the coaching sessions, you can leave with a report on successes achieved and losses avoided.

If you see real results, you will have the option to extend the Coaching Agreement further, using your Affordable rate for another 12 Session.

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