Adding to the product offering.

BeyondPossible started as a dream – to uplift the African continent through people I interacted with.


The business started with a single approach, leadership development for companies, using an existing product that I found highly effective.  The product, Leadership Management International, has been developing people to their full potential for over 60 years, in more than 80 countries, and translated into 23 plus different languages.


I soon realised that I needed more, and relying on my background in people development and business, I sought formal credentialing as a South African Business Coach.  This allowed the company to add a second offering to clients and combine a directive structured program with non-directive business coaching.


The business had two broad product categories that allowed for cross-selling opportunities.


In 2021 we expanded, again using historical strengths and experience – BeyondPossible is the in-house Talent & Culture team for a Medium-sized business.




So what does this mean, and why share it?


If you are starting a business or you have a business, the above is likely relevant.  I recall my initial journey as a coach and discuss my Niche, and I have realised this is a case of the chicken and the egg – yes, you need a niche and identifying one makes marketing and sales easier.  At the same time, you go with what pays initially and slowly develop a niche or set of clients that feed off each other.  At the same time, as you gain more experience in the business, you also get a better feel for the product mix that works for you and the clients you interact with.


Thus your business grows, you add products, and you navigate to new areas.


This is normal; the point is there is no set path to take or steps to follow, but you must do, and you must grab opportunities that allow for a sale and could lead to additional sales.


Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing more articles around the business journey and the steps or path you could consider, but always remember you have to take action and then adjust.  An idea will remain an idea unless you actively make it a reality.


Please visit the site every two weeks for the next instalment of Starting your Business, followed by Growing your Business and Exiting your Business.


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