A real threat to your Future – Habit – Thoughts around COVID-19 Lockdown

What behaviours are you entrenching in yourself or within your business as a result of the COVID restrictions?

A critical success factor is currently being threatened with many not realising the implications until it is firmly entrenched.  This success factor is impacting family businesses, women in business, business consulting, business goals, business strategy, business development, leadership development, teams, individual performers and business strategy, to name a few areas, and it is doing so under the radar…

What is it?

Before I share my thoughts and concerns, I have listed a few fundamental beliefs below:

These beliefs are what I base the next sections on:

  1. We create habits.
  2. Habits make or break us.
  3. It takes 21-63 days to form a new habit – depending on the school of thought you subscribe to.
  4. Generally with the recent lockdowns global and in more locally here in SA as a result of the COVID-19 regulations, many have exceeded these thresholds.
  5. These restrictions have been uncomfortable in many instances?
  6. Not a single person has been left unaffected either directly or indirectly.
Desolate landscape, sun setting, bye now moving - destination unknown.

What does this mean for you, your life and your business or career?

But first a few questions to help you consider the above?

  1. Do you agree with the above considerations?
  2. Do you agree with the majority of the above considerations?
  3. If you do not agree with the majority I would love to hear why, please add a comment below or contact us directly.

Still here?

So we agree, we have been creating new habits?  We agree that this period was uncomfortable; that this has been very uncertain times;  we try to establish a norm or standard status or revise habits that allow us to operate with a sense of comfort?

And we most likely did, but here is the potential problem as a result, we are again in transition, we are again heading back to work, but it is not the same and won’t be the same?

Even it is exactly the same, it won’t feel the same because the last 60 plus days has fundamentally changed who we are.

Our staff and ourselves are different, we are unsure, we have questions, we need support and answers or guidance?.

We will seek new meaning, we will have pressures to perform within the new norms, in a few rare cases we would have used the time to create new knowledge basis, learnt new skills, but this is very unlikely in the majority of us, we would have “vegetated”.

There are a few of us who did work during this period, and more doing so as restrictions get lifted, but again this is different, as we did it from home, we did it in our PJ’s, we learnt to use zoom, make bread and spend our free time in the kitchen.  Some us would have had the extra challenges on the personal front of family negatively affected or possible passing away.

Essentially we are all different and we have a choice to make?

Choice A – we stay locked in with the above “hard times” – (a concept taken form Joe Dispenza’s book, Breaking the Habit of Being yourself) – we stay in the cautious, terrified, stressed state, as we are now used to this state – our new NORMAL.

Choice B – before this habit we were all forced into adopting becomes the norm, and given this has already required a reset, we have a LIMITED PERIOD to ensure this does not become Choice A by default.

How do you ensure Choice B versus Choice A?

Step 1 – be aware of the reality, the current status – acknowledge it.

Step 2 – decide on what the revised habit is.

Step 3 – practice the new habit daily, create the new behaviour.

Step 3 for me is a real opportunity to create a tradition, it maybe Pizza Friday’s at home with the family, maybe once a month lunch and learns at the office, maybe a monthly Zoom Coffee call where we don’t discuss business?

The real opportunity is now in the reality that everyone's status quo has been upset, so choose a new habit actively.

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