We are currently running a campaign to ensure accessibility and affordability of the coaching business for individuals, and part of this process was creating content to use in the campaign.  As a result we created the above…and it made me chuckle for a number of reasons, but primarily that the world has multiple views, and even a crisis or crises can lead one to a new path – so why not make it an adventure.

Change is the constant is the saying I believe, or do we live in constant change?

Eitherway, often changing ones path is closely tied to a significant event or crisis of some sort – I recall when I was younger having worked for my first employer for a significant number of years, experiencing a life that was full of adventure, travel, new cultures, new people but ultimately changed as a result of internal company changes that eventually led to me leaving the organisation – but in this I joined another and travelled even more extensively throughout Africa and the Middle East – the crisis resulted in an adventure.

Think of films we watch, where the hero or heroine goes from one catastrophe to another, yet somehow ends positively and significantly better off. 

The point is that we often wait for a crisis to happen and then we make a change – why wait, you can make a change at anytime, you can continue the adventure at anytime, but the opposite holds true, you can make a change for the better during a time of crisis, and hence why the graphic above – make crises the adventure of a lifetime – take the trip.

ps. The campaign is to secure at least an additional 10 coaching clients, with the undertaking to provide a minimum of 10 hours coaching with the option to extend, at a rate the client can afford – do note that this is not FREE, but rather a rate the client can afford – why not contact us and be one of the ten to benefit from this unique rate designed for you or your company.

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